Making All Things Beautiful

The exterior of a property tells a story about you. Is it sending the right message? The first place to look when upgrading or remodeling is the landscaping. Your commitment to your yard will assure that your property will look its best at all times and represent you with pride and dignity.

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Our Company’s Mission

GrassMasters of South Carolina’s mission is to provide quality and professional services while creating long lasting relationships with our customers. Our commitment and passion for customer service generates our drive to deliver the highest level of workmanship with honesty and integrity.

Custom Service Plans

GrassMasters of South Carolina specializes in maintenance for commercial properties. Custom Maintenance schedules are designed for each property to provide the proper care needed. We work with homeowners & property managers, directly with associations, churches and businesses, to ensure all needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

Lawn Maintenance

A great lawn easily stands out from those that surround it. The lush green blades of grass are cut at the perfect height, and it is easy to see that the lawn is being maintained by an expert. We do more that cut your grass. When you call us you are getting a lawn care specialist that knows how to get the best out of a yard. We have developed the most effective lawn care plans in the industry, and we are confident we can breathe new life into your lawn. We provide lawn mowing service for yards of all sizes in South Carolina.


Every landscaping project begins with a unique landscape design. Each design is different because it is based on your individual desires. You may be one of the many people who want to make a statement with their lawn and garden features. There is nothing wrong with wanting to increase your curb appeal, and we can make that happen for you. The first thing we do is set up a landscape consultation at your location to go over the various aspects of your design. We will install an outstanding variety of plants and shrubs that are sure to bring your garden back to life. You can choose from many low landscape maintenance and drought prepared plants that are ideal for energy conservation. We will plant new trees that will fill out your property and offer badly needed shade.

Spring/Fall Cleanups

Having a luscious lawn requires much needed sun and nutrients which are essential for survival of a healthy lawn. Our spring and fall cleanups allow your lawn to stand out regardless of what season of the year it is.



Most soils do not provide essential nutrients required for optimum growth. By allowing our team to fertilize your lawn and garden, it replenishes lost nutrients and ensures that your lawn and plants have the food they need to flourish. Let us fertilize your lawn today.



As long as your lawn is growing it needs water. Water is much needed to ensure that a beautiful lawn strives. We have irrigation technicians who will install, test, and service your irrigation systems for proper functioning.

Sculpt Your Perfect Retreat

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Lawns & Turf

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Trees & Hedges

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Brick & Rockery

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Some of Our Work

Take a look at some of our results for our clients!


Making All Things Beautiful

Your perfect retreat awaits. Let’s get the ball rolling on your new Avada Landscaped garden.